The Widow’s Plight Syndrome


Symptoms of the Widow’s Plight Syndrome

1. Sadness
2. Loneliness
3. Feeling Overwhelmed/Bewildered
4. Scared
5. Ignorant
6. Angry
7. Hopelessness

8. Broken
9. Lost
10. Overwhelmed
11. Shaken/Off Balance
12. Pressured
13. Disappointed
14. Confused

Five Major Tasks Facing Every Widow

Settle Spouse’s Estate
Control Lifestyle Cash Flow
Manage Investment Portfolio
Create the Next Phase of Family’s Legacy Plan

*Grief comes in waves – It is important to know that they can function in the swells and that eventually it subsides.

The Widow’s Plight Syndrome

During the Widow’s Plight Syndrome surviving spouses face legitimate concerns. The three primary concerns that every surviving spouse must take into consideration are the possibilities of 1) the loss of your independence, 2) a loss of your income, and 3) the loss of your ability to help your family.

Loss of independence may be your most serious threat. You may find themselves restricted in personal choices or worse, being controlled by someone else.

Loss of income can include losing your spouse’s earned income, a loss of income producing assets due to estate transfer costs, and the mishandling of your assets. If your wealth is handled improperly, this can significantly impact your lifestyle.

Loss of ability to help your family can be felt when the estate brings less benefits to you than expected. For a variety of reasons the inheritance available you and other family members is likely to be decreased or dissipated. This can lead to the dissolve of your family’s financial's and, even worse, its value base.


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